People of MIEACT

MIEACT is a small organisation – and we think small is beautiful...

Vision, Mission and Values

MIEACT is guided and motivated by a vision of a supportive and socially just community in which the myths, misunderstandings, prejudice, discrimination and stigma surrounding mental illness are eliminated... More...

MIEACT the BIG picture...what we bring 

This overview of MIEACT gives workplaces and the broader community an understanding of the collective impact that a MIEACT training program, using direct positive contact, can bring to your workplace or staff group. See PDF


Evaluation(s) - summaries conducted at the University of Canberra: 'Educating Young People about Mental Health and Mental Illness'  and  'Evaluating a School Based Programme. Volunteering as a community mental health educator: Positives and negatives for [consumer] recovery'. Full copies available on request