A workshop for people who are keen to share lived experience of mental health issues in a safe, positive and non-triggering way.
MIEACT’s Do NO Harm framework underpins how we talk about suicide, self-harm, eating disorders and trauma. This means we never talk about the means, methods or details; but we emphasise the effects on our lives – our health, work life and relationships with others. 
Most importantly, we talk about what we have done to overcome the effects of the events in our lives; what we do to stay well, work and have meaningful relationships.
By talking about complex issues in this way, we ensure the re-telling of our stories is not traumatising for others or ourselves and does not give ideas, about methods or means.
Telling our stories about the effects of mental health problems on our lives - in a way that emphasises what we have done to overcome the problems - reminds us and the listener of our personal, positive steps towards recovery.  


By the end of this workshop, participants will know how to explain their own experiences with mental illness  in a way which reduces triggering their other people. This course helps to protect your clients and vulnerable people in the community. 


Course Outline

Do NO Harm’s link with Direct Positive Contact
Safe talking
Context and purpose of storytelling
Self care
Limits to helping others
Safe and inclusive language
Talking about suicide, self harm and eating disorders

Who Should Attend?

Mental health workers
Community services workers
Consumer representatives