The Community Awareness Program (CAP) is founded in the School Education Program about mental health, and delivered within an adult context.
It is delivered with the key help of trained volunteer educators with lived experience of mental illness. Sessions consist of two educators sharing their personal stories, often focusing on a particular moment or pivotal point in their recovery, and guided by MIEACT’s safe and non-triggering Do NO Harm framework.
 Through hearing MIEACT’s stories, audience members can relate to the personal experience and emotional challenges that come with mental health issues.
Program participants will have time for a question and answer session after the presentations.


Participants will understand how common mental illness is and its relationship to physical illness. They will learn how to identify stigma and discuss why it exists.  MIEACT volunteer educators will share their own experiences of living with and managing their illness, and share how they managed their recovery process. The program shares strategies for how to ask for help, how to find help, and how to encourage a friend or loved one to seek help.  
In many cases MIEACT can organise to ‘match’ volunteers with lived mental illness experiences to your training needs. This will mean tailored learning and outcomes.

Course Outline

Mental illness facts and myths
Management techniques
Drug, self-harm and damaging behaviour factors
Understanding mental health legislation
Personal experiences presented by two MIEACT educators
Each session tailored to meet specific requests of the organisation. Wherever possible, MIEACT can ‘match’ volunteers to your training or program if it has a particular purpose or specific illness
Questions and answer session 
The program works best if run in conjunction with other training   provided by your organisation 
Additional components to the Community Awareness Program can be negotiated with MIEACT

Who Should Attend?

Our Community Awareness Program is for government agencies and services, tertiary education providers, businesses, service providers and community organisations. The program aims to increase knowledge and understanding of people with mental health problems in the workplace. 
Suitable for young adults through to retirees. 
Past clients have included Transport Canberra, Australian National University (ANU), University of Canberra (UC), CIT Southside Community Services students, Action Buses, ACT Federal Police, Chamberlains Law Firm, ACT Legal Aid, Public Services Commission and ACT Health. 
MIEACT’s volunteer educators are trained to deliver their story to groups of up to 25. However, group size is negotiable with appropriate advance notice.