Years 9 to 12
Mental Health Education
Breaking down stigma - unblocking pathways to help
Years 9 to 11
School Programs
Personal storytelling, experiential learning, designed for young people
Positive Body Image Program
Any Body's Cool
For Girls in years 7 & 8
helping young people, training teachers,
Launching Any Body's Cool;
to create positive body image schools
Through our school, community and professional education programs, Opening Minds Radio Show, art & digital media projects, we communicate first person stories and to promote understanding of what it is like to experience mental illness and recovery.
We believe better learning comes from sharing our real life stories - learning in this way - from real life experiences makes us all better people.

Why Choose MIEACT?

Funded by the ACT Government to deliver mental health education to young people in schools and the community

MIEACT provides a range of mental health education programs to young people in schools across the ACT. Our Positive Body Image Program, Any Body’s Cool, is co-delivered with the help of our partners at the University of Canberra and the National Gallery of Australia. 

Power of the lived experience

At the core of all MIEACT’s work is a personal story of recovery from mental illness. Stories that are crafted to include messages of hope, recovery and help-seeking, and refined through our ‘Do NO Harm’ framework, become a powerful education tool that enriches both audiences and volunteers.

Reduce stigma to improve help seeking

MIEACT Volunteer Educators deliver their personal stories directly to audiences. This ‘positive direct contact’ with a person willing to share the most intimate and emotional experiences, of either their own illness or the experiences of caring for someone with mental illness, is recognised as the most effective way of reducing the stigma, discrimination and unconscious bias that often surrounds mental illness. When we feel less stigma about our own mental health problems we are more likely to seek help.

Our Partners

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